In a Recession, Customer Service Makes a Difference

In a Repression, stand out with Customer ServiceWe’re in a recession. No doubt about it. Possibly even a Depression. We’ll leave that to the Wonks on Cable News Channels and the Economists to decide.

While the talking heads debate the pros and cons of whatever stimulus package is on its way, we’ll take a moment to look at some cold hard facts.

#1 – Customers are not spending much money at all.  People are starting to hoard their cash and with good reason.  Many don’t know if they will be employed in a week or a month.

#2 – Businesses are folding left and right.  Those that remain open are downsizing at a quick pace.  No one, government included, seems immune to this trend.

#3 – In order to stay afloat, and perhaps even thrive, in this economy, a business simply must stand out.

With everyone laying off employees to remain solvent, it seems next to impossible to provide any kind of Customer Service.  Difficult it may be, however, now is the time to buckle down and provide that Customer Service that will differentiate you from the competition.

Over the next day and weeks, I am going to share some ideas and examples that can be the differentiating Customer Service that sets companies apart.

I hope that at least one of them  helps you in some way and if you have more of your own, feel free to share.

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One response to “In a Recession, Customer Service Makes a Difference

  1. I agree that it is tough to provide better customer service with less employees, but it is possible. One simple trick to improve customer service is to be proactive. Don’t wait for customers to contact you when they have issues. This will stick in their head how many times they have issues. Being proactive, you can check in with customers and see if there is anything they need. If they don’t, then they’re reminded how well your service and/or product is working for them. If they do have problem, then they are glad you call them before they called you. Of course, this approach is best suited for the SMB, but there are other ways for larger companies to be proactive with their customers.

    Looking forward to your upcoming articles.

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