It’s A New Day In America For Customer Service

A New Time For Customer ServiceToday starts a new era in the United States.  We usher in an era of Change.  Big Change.  More change than fits in my car ashtray.  Since I don’t smoke , I can fit a lot in my ashtray…but this is more change than you can imagine.

Sure, we are in a recession.  Times are tough and it will probably be a while before we return to the heady economic times that we enjoyed just a few years ago.

However, we all are in this together and we see glimmers of light here and there.  After all, our Government is embracing new techologies like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with us (the Customers) which, to be honest, did not seem possible in my lifetime.

So, if they can do it, so can we!

Whether you are a mom and pop store in rural Kansas (with Broadband Internet Service so they can read Customer Service Voodoo) or an on-line e-tailor using the latest and greatest social networking apps to stay in touch with our Customers, this is the dawn of enhanced Customer Service.

So, reach out and try new methods. New processes.  Don’t be afraid of working with your Customers.  Go out there and talk to them.  Whether online or in person, connect with your Customers.

Customers have a lot to say and that feedback can provide the pivotal points of information that you need in your business.  Especially in these trying times.

So, let me know what you think.  I’m listening.

Thanks for reading,



2 responses to “It’s A New Day In America For Customer Service

  1. My wife and I were in the hospital with our first child over the weekend and the customer service was incredible. This is a new hospital in the East Valley (Phoenix Area) and the staff is phenomenal. It was a huge contrast to in-processing at Fort Bliss two days earlier and being reminded that the Army has no clue about customer service. Hopefully, the new technological and customer service side of the government will trickle down to the every day soldier.

  2. Its great to hear that the US Government is embracing some of these new technologies and using them to engage with customers in the way customers want.

    Across the pond here in the UK, we are a little further behind but Government organisations are now starting to talk about and explore the benefits of Web 2.0 technologies in relation to customer service. We work with a lot of Local Government organisations and most recognise that the next step in service transformation is in using new technology to engage with a wider audience through the channels that are fast becoming part of everyday life.
    Change is definitely afoot.

    Enjoying the blog Brandon.

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