Our Gov’ment is Hip. As In Old Dudes Using Facebook and Twitter

Let’s start off with a few facts.

#1 – U.S. Senators are, as a rule, very old.  A third of them are over 70.

#2 – Our government, while still the best in the world, does not have a history of being technologically advanced when it comes to interacting with us, the Customers.

#3 – The Official Inauguration Website lists Twitter and Facebook as sources of information for updates.

iinaugNow, to be truthful, I don’t picture Senator Robert Bird (age 91) sending me flair on Facebook nor can I see myself following Senator Frank Lautenberg (age 84) on Twitter, however, the point is that this is a great example of a business (in this case, our government) using technology to provide information to their Customers.

Great job, gov’ment!  I love it.  And if a slow moving institution like our Federal government can do this, so can we.

Thanks for reading,



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