Confused? We’ll Help!

Today’s Customer Service story comes from a returning guest poster, Jeremy.  He shared a great example with me of how one store stepped up to assist their Customer.  Enjoy the story!


Trader Joe's Customer ServiceI was shopping at one of my favorite local “neighborhood grocery stores” Trader Joes, and witnessed an amazing customer service story.

As I was checking out I caught an elderly woman with a puzzled face as she looked around the store.  An employee caught her and asked her where she went?  Well to make a long story short, the woman had been checking out her groceries and said “I forgot my ATM card, I’ll be right back to get it”.

The clerk assumed she meant she was going to run to her car and didn’t know she had to go all the way home to get it.  20 minutes later when the lady arrived back at the store the groceries had already been put back so they did not go bad.

Unfortunately the woman took that negatively and began to mosey on out of the store.  As the employee stood there wondering what to do, watching a customer walk out (and probably not return again), another employee suggested to him that he quickly grab her, offer to walk through the store with her and put her groceries in the cart, and then personally check her out.

What an awesome idea!

Thanks, Jeremy for the great story and thanks everyone for reading


One response to “Confused? We’ll Help!

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