Free Hair Cut

bad haircut, rescued by the barberA friend of mine related a Customer Service story today that I had to share.  Apparently, she (like all of us) is feeling the economic pinch of tightening finances and decided to try and cut her son’s hair to save money.

As you may have guessed, it did not go so well and she ended up taking them to her son’s regular barber for a repair job.  Her barber was so aghast at the haircut, that he made her promise to never cut her children’s hair again and that he would cut their hair right then, to fix it, for a significant discount (about a third off the regular price).

When he was done, he wouldn’t accept her money (he did not charge her for the haircut) and told her to come back  next month so he could cut it again, and told her again that he would give her the discount.

What a great Customer Focus.  First of all, the barber fixed her mistake.  In today’s economy, our Customers will have to try and do things on their own to save money.  I expect we will see this more and more.

Second, he offered her a discount from now on so that she would return to his store, knowing that she would get a good haircut for her son.

In our hard financial times, this is great Customer Focus.  Fix the issue (regardless of who created the mess), then make an offer that wil bring your Customer back over the long haul.

Because some money is better than no money.

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