Got An Issue? Just Post Here. And Be Ignored.

**Disclaimer – youthful people, please do not laugh at me**

I Blog, I Link In, I Squidoo, and I have started to Facebook.  Recently, I have started to experiment with Twitter and so far, it has been a disaster.  I signed up on-line, made a few starts using my browser and then tried to activate the true “coolness” of Twitter – the ability to Tweet, or add updates via cell phone.

Twitter and Customer Service - Oil and VinegarHere is where I ran into problems.  Adding my phone appears to be impossible.  I entered my cell phone number on-line and was then prompted to send a text from my cell phone to Twitter.  Which I did.  Multiple times.  All to no avail.  Twitter will not recognize my phone.  I have read their forums, deleted and re-added my phone several times and even posted a call for help in their forum.

Within a few moments, I received an email stating that my request for help had been read.  Great!  I could practically hear the cavalry arriving.

So, I waited.  And kept going back to the support page and checking my email for a status.  Nothing.

And eventually, I went to bed.

Day 2 – no status, no word from Twitter.

I’ll let you know what happens.  So far, not a good sign.  They are following the industry practice of “Read and Ignore.”

I have found all over the Twitter Forums that Verizon and Twitter do not play nice.  Kind of hard for me to change my cell phone provider just to be cool.  (Because Tweeting is cool.)

I’ll see what Twitter says.  If they come back to me.

Thanks for reading,



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