I Am In Love With Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Video Game....Addictive I have always had a secret love affair with hot dogs.  Yes, I know what they are made out of, and I have read Fast Food Nation, however, as with all things illicit, the siren call of the roasted sausages is too much for me to withstand.  Now, as I have aged, I have moved from omnivore (I once ate a 72 ounce steak in an hour, but that is another story) to more vegetarian with an occasional dip into the chicken or fish pool, but my roots run deep, which occasionally lands me in trouble with my cholesterol count.

So, when I recently started playing a video game on my cell phone called Crazy Hot Dog Tail Gate Party, deep down, I knew that I was headed for disaster, albeit virtual, with a little bit of time-loss thrown in for good measure.

Much like many video games in decades past, the basic idea of the game  is to cook food (in this instance, hot dogs) and serve them to Customers in order to build up your bank account. The twist to this particular game is that the cooking grill is very touchy and it is all too easy to either under cook the hot dogs by pressing the wrong key too quickly, or to hesitate too much and end up with a burnt dog. Needless to say, your Customers are very hard to please and get quite upset if you:

A – Ignore their order (their faces actually get contorted and turn red until they leave without paying)

B – Serve them undercooked or overcooked hot dogs (which also ends up with no money coming in)

Now, I know that the idea seems simple…and it is.

Cook the food.  Correctly.  Serve it to your Customers and they will pay you.

This sounds like sound business principles to me.  The problem, however, lies in the carrying out of these simple processes.  Which are very hard to do.  And, when you run out of money or time without reaching your goal, the game is over.  And you have to start again.  Which becomes very addictive.  I’ll share more, but right now I have to go play another game of cooking and serving hot dogs.

Thanks for reading and pass the mustard,



3 responses to “I Am In Love With Hot Dogs

  1. Hello i see you blog very nice and i think you feture better post

  2. When you boil it down (which you can also do with hot dogs), the principles seem so simple and easy. Sometimes though the motivation to serve customers is lacking and poor service results.

  3. So, after watching the Bachelor this week I pose this question: Are you a ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut or onions kind of guy?

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