New Year and a New Focus

New Years 2009Wait, wait, wait.  I can hear it now.  What the heck are you doing, Brandon? You are the Customer Service Blogger.  Are you going off-topic in 2009?   Will you be back?

Rest assured, my good readers, I am not leaving.  However, I am expanding.  After much pondering and reflection back upon the past 16 months and 129 posts, I have decided that for the New Year, I will reach out and stretch a little beyond “just Customer Service.” No, I am not leaving the topic at all and in fact, many of you know that I value Customer Service above all others facets of business.  That will remain, however, I have found that there are so many fascinating topics within the realm of “business” that I would like to comment on and discuss.

While we are in the throes of an economic crisis right now, I still encounter quite outstanding business practices every day and I want to share those tidbits with you all.

So, please join with me as we continue to explore Customer Service and enjoy the new additional conversations we shall have.

Thank you for your continued reading,



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