2008 Tips for Customer Service

Whoa!  I realize as I wrote that title that it may seem like it is 2,008 tips for Customer Service.  That’s a little ambitious, even for a hyperactive person like me.  We are, however, ending the year with a listing of our 30 day blitz of 30 Customer Service Tips in 30 Days.  So that you have them all here in one place, here they are with links to the orginal post.  It has been a fun year, see you in 2009!

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30 Customer Service Tips

Tip #1 – Do a little something extra for your Customers.  Give them something for free.  A free gift, a trinket, anything.  The small things stand out later when they remember the overall experience.

Tip #2 – Celebrate Milestones. First month, second year, 3,000th Customer.  Just celebrate.  And include your Customers.

Tip #3 – There is no such thing as Fashionably Late in Customer Service.  Be on time.  Follow through on time.  Respond to your Customers on time. You get the picture.

Tip #4 – Make Your Customers feel Good About Their Purchase.  Implement policies that empower your employees to support your Customers.  Tell them positive information.  Be truthful, but be positive.

Tip #5 – Make Sure Your Customer Service Guarantee Is Guaranteed!  Guarantees are fantastic.  Now, ensure your policies are not shortchanging the process of the guarantee.

Tip #6 – Do What You Say You Will – Simple.  Follow through.  Period.

Tip #7 – Every once in a while, Review and Recap your strategies and processes.  It helps keep everything in perspective.

Tip #8 – Even CEOs Need Customer Service Training. CEOS, Directors, Vice Presidents, Janitors, Sales People. You name it. Look at the Disney model. It works.

Tip #9 – Don’t Abuse Your Customer. Do I really have to rehash this? Maybe so. It’s still happening. If your team or your employees could use some refresher training, maybe a knock their socks off presentation would help them.

Tip #10 – Have A Back Up Plan. You need a Plan B. Because things will go bad. And when they do, they don’t have to go bad for you. Because you have a Back up Plan.

Tip #11 – Customers Talk Back…That’s Good. Let Them. Yeah. They. Them. The Customers. They Talk Back, You Know. That’s a good thing, It means you can find out what they like and don’t like. And keep them happy.

Tip 12 – By Any Means Necessary – Seek out your Customers. Wherever they are.  And wherever they are talking about you.  Don’t get a big head. I mean talking about your company.  And the products you sold them.  So, go learn Facebook.

Tip #13 -Marketing. Customer Service. Pair Them Up. You Future Customers Will Become Current Customers.

Tip #14 – Smile. It goes a long way. It soothes the savage beast within and makes problems go away. Try it. Your probably smiling right now reading this.

Tip #15 – It’s OK to have time off.  With no Customer contact.  You just have to tell your Customers.

Tip #16 – No matter the culture, Customer Service is at the root of good business.

Tip #17 – Find that part of the community that overlaps both your Customer and your business and then publicly recognize and embrace that.

Tip #18 – Walk Them There. For whatever they need. A jar of Tahini. The restroom. Don’t go in the restroom with them, though.

Tip #19 – Be prepared. Everything else is easy.

Tip #20 – When a Customer does not follow the rules, resolve their issue and explain the correct process for future issues. This works better than berating them, staring at them blankly or ignoring them. Seriously.

Tip #21 – Treat Your Online Customers as Well as your In Person Customers. Hard? Yes. Feasible. Yes.

Tip #22 – Communicate with your Customers. Use all means possible. Email. Chat. Phone. Walk Up to Them. Whatever. Just do it.

Tip #23 – Have policies and training in place to deal with bad Customers. Yes they are out there. Keep them from driving away your good ones.

Tip #24 – Adjust. Adjust everything. As times change, whether it be for the season, a holiday, or just the change that the world brings, be flexible. Adapt and Overcome.

Tip #25 – Be like Santa. Or like Disneyland. Customer Service is in the details. Make them count.

Tip #26 – Utilize Technology to Make Customer Service A Seamless Cycle. Technology is all around us now. Use it to make your Customer Service the best possible. From pre-sale to support and follow-up, Chat, Email, Twitter, Blog and Yodel with your Customers.

Tip #27 – There is no silver bullet, fairy dust or magic beans that work for all companies and scenarios. Go figure out yours.

Tip #28 – People are loyal to people. Not companies. So, make your company personable and share information about you and your company with your Customers. A picture. A few words. An About Us Page. You get the idea.

Tip #29 – The Customer is Always Right. Yes, I know there are many books and articles written about how employees trump Customers. I am not going to argue with them. There are many truths in Customer Service Voodoo. One of them is that the Customer wins.

Tip #30 – The Customer is the root of our business. Without them, we really don’t have a business. Build your business around them and you will go far.


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