As Promised, 30 Tips in 30 Days.

We wrap up our 30 day blitz with the cornerstone of business.  Customers equal Revenue.  For my mathmatically inclined friends, I like to write it in this manner:

C = $

Customers are the source of our income and as we endure these tough economic times, this will prove to be a differentiator in businesses that stay and businesses that go.  If we have a solid product and craft our business around Customers who need this product (or service), we will continue to stay in business and grow.

For my history loving friends, I chased down the origin of the word Customer and found that it comes from Old English and is derived from the habit or custom that merchants built with people who became accustomed to returning to their store over and over again to purchase goods from that merchant.

For all my other friends, I think we all agree.  We need Customers.

Have a great day, final thoughts of 2008 tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



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