Only 3 Days Left…And The Customer Is Still Always Correct!

As we wind down 2008 and also our 30 day blitz of Customer Service Tips, I feel obligated to share the “oldy but a goody” tip that is (or should be) the manta behind many, if not all business.

Tip #29 – The Customer is Always Right.


Not a hard concept, yet one that is often overlooked.  I don’t mean that you give a away the farm.  If a Customer demands a refund with no explanations, you don’t just hand over the money. You talk to them and find out what is wrong.  Then you fix it.  A refund may be in order.  If they ask for applesauce and you only sell snow tires, you may have to point them to the QuickyMart across the street.  Or you could run and get it for them.  It depends on your shop.

However, the slogan still stands.  The Customer is Always Right.  Want extra veggies with your Falafel plate? No problem.  No ice with your soda?  Got it.  Want me to package and wrap your coats you just bought?  I can do that.

Hang in there, only 2 left!



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