Tip #27 – There is no Tip #27

OK, that was a reference to Fight Club.  A movie which I have not seen, will probably never see, yet nonetheless, have a quote ingrained in my mind somehow.

We are 27 days along our blitz of tips and we reach a shocking realization – there are no hard and fast rules for Customer Service.  What works in one company will destroy another company. A scenario which requires a specific response in one area may necessitate a completely different one in another region.

Difficult, yes.  Impossible, No.

I am now reading “Death To All Sacred Cows” (not related to “Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers“) and find much inspiration from it concerning this topic.

Go carve your own path.  Figure out what works for you.  And come back here tomorrow for more tips!

Thanks for reading!



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