Technology Is Your Friend

As we enjoy the day after Christmas, with all of the toys spread across the floor and leftovers filling our fridge and counters, I wanted to share today’s Customer Service Tip.  It was inspired by Christmas and our shopping habits, which have been formed and reshaped by technology.

You see, we usually try and finish of our Christmas shopping before Christmas before Thanksgiving weekend is over. Yes, you heard correctly.  We don’t do the rush around and get trampled thing.  No, we use the Internet to order and have delivered almost all of our gifts.  My wife and I swap lists of what we want (generally very short and revolving around practicality like a new wallet for me or wool hiking socks for her) and our children make a list for Santa which we “send” to the Jolly Fat Man.

Almost all of this is without any human interaction on our part.  And generally, it is 100% correct.  When we do have an issue (whether it be with Amazon or a Mom and Pop store with an on-line presence, we can correct it with an email, chat or (in rare cases) with a phone call.

These companies have embraced technology and gotten it right.  Customer Service starts with the browsing of merchandise (or stepping in a store) and ends…well, it “ends” when the Customer returns for another purchase and the cycle starts again.

Tip #26 – Utilize Technology to Make Customer Service A Seamless Cycle.

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