Dealing With The Baddies!

What do you do when a Customer is out of line?  I don’t mean the kind where they have to be kicked out of the store (drunk, physical violence), just where they are rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate.

On my recent Delta airlines flight, I sat next to one of those Customers / passengers (I don’t capitalize passengers as I do Customers).   Her boyfriend could not control her rudeness.  She tried to sit in other peoples’ seats (because she wanted their seat assignment) wheedled an entire 32 ounce bottle of water from the Flight Attendants, drank straight from the bottle, painted her toenails while in flight, tried to climb over other passengers’ seats on her way to and from the bathroom because the food cart was in the aisle and pushed her way to the front when we landed.

Horrible!  What is a company to do?  I was absolutely amazed to see that Delta did nothing to her.  I did not see them ask her one time to stop any of her activities.  Many people complained about her afterwards and I am sure that they talked about it when someone asked them “how was your flight?”

The tip here is – Have Policies and Training in Place to Deal With Bad Customers. Easy to have.  Easy to train on.

The results will be great.

Thanks for reading,



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