It’s The Same, And It’s Different

Catfish, Okra, Hush Puppies and Customer ServiceI am 2,500 miles away from “home” right now, visiting my mom.  I say “home” because I used to call the town she lives in “home.”  Regardless of my geographic orientation, I am enjoying my visit and really enjoying the food.  You see, my mom lives in the Deep South.  She talks Southern. She cooks Southern.  She is Southern.  She is more Southern than the Catfish, Okra and Hush Puppies on the left.

And I am now Californian (10 years).  So, visiting the South is a bit of a Culture Shock for me.  After I have been away for a while, I forget how people interact down here.  For example, we went out for lunch today and had great Southern food with a side of great Southern Hospitality.  The staff was very friendly, the owner chatted with me and our waitress (Ms. Vicki) was very Customer focused.  She brought things before we could mention what we needed.  The food came very quickly to our table.  Drinks were refilled before we knew they were needed. 

Oh sure, the way of life is different down here.  But one thing is the same.  A focus on the Customer.  Way to go, Vicki!  If you are ever in the area, visit the Red Barn at 5887 Highway 90, Milton, FL.

And tell them that they were the inspiration for Customer Service Tip #16 – No matter the culture, Customer Service is at the root of good business.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the food.



One response to “It’s The Same, And It’s Different

  1. I noticed that you called your waitress “Ms. Vicki”. When HDI had a conference in Nashville a few years ago, I learned a big lesson on Southern hospitality that was almost lost on this california girl. I went up to the information booth and asked where a restaurant was in the hotel I was staying in. The woman looked at me like I was the rudest person in the world. I said “would you please tell me where the mexican restaurant is?” but what I failed to do was say “Ma’am, would you please tell me….”. Apparently using “Ma’am” and “Sir” is very important in the south and something I’m not used to on the west coast.
    Lesson learned: learn the culture….quickly. 🙂

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