Halfway Done Recap – Disney and Facebook and Wild Beasts, Oh My!

We’re halfway through our 30 Day Blitz of Customer Service Tips.  Remember way back on Dec 1st when I promised 30 Tips in 30 Days?  Yes, 2 weeks ago is a century in today’s digital world, so I am recapping again, with our tip for today at the end.  Here we go!

Tip #8 – Even CEOs Need Customer Service Training. CEOS, Directors, Vice Presidents, Janitors, Sales People. You name it. Look at the Disney model. It works.

Tip #9 – Don’t Abuse Your Customer. Do I really have to rehash this? Maybe so. It’s still happening. If your team or your employees could use some refresher training, maybe a knock their socks off presentation would help them.

Tip #10 – Have A Back Up Plan. You need a Plan B. Because things will go bad. And when they do, they don’t have to go bad for you. Because you have a Back up Plan.

Tip #11 – Customers Talk Back…That’s Good. Let Them. Yeah. They. Them. The Customers. They Talk Back, You Know. That’s a good thing, It means you can find out what they like and don’t like. And keep them happy.

Tip 12 – By Any Means Necessary – Seek out your Customers. Wherever they are.  And wherever they are talking about you.  Don’t get a big head. I mean talking about your company.  And the products you sold them.  So, go learn Facebook.

Tip #13 –Marketing. Customer Service. Pair Them Up. You Future Customers Will Become Current Customers.

Tip #14 – Smile. It goes a long way. It soothes the savage beast within and makes problems go away. Try it. Your probably smiling right now reading this.

chickfila is closed on SundaysTip #15 – It’s OK to have time off.  With no Customer contact.  You just have to tell your Customers. Here is an empty Chick-Fil-A at Atlanta’s airport with a sign up letting their Customers know that they are closed on Sundays.  And have been for 60 years.  They seem to still be in business.  (I‘m not sure why the Cinnabon employee is behind their counter. Maybe he can’t wait until tomorrow.)

Thanks for reading, there are still 15 more to come.  OK 16 more.  We’ll keep working!

See you tomorrow,



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