Thanks For Being A Customer, Now, We’re Going To Abuse You

Wayne Botha from Connecticut shared a horrendous experience he had with his cell phone carrier.  Here’s the short story:

After the bubble-gum-blowing, too-busy-talking-to-her-boyfriend, yelling-across-the store-at-Wayne customer service rep drove him from the store, he decided to cancel his service and go with a more professional carrier.  So, he ran into this:

“Mr Botha, you have been such as valuable customer to us since 2001 and we don’t want to lose you.  So, the termination fee will be $200.”

WTH?  Yeah, I just dropped an H bomb on my blog.  What The Heck? Let me try and think this one through.

7 years as a Customer. They don’t want to lose him. So, they will, instead of incenting him to stay…..charge him to go.  Isn’t this a form of hostage taking?

Customer Service Tip Rule #9 – Don’t Abuse Your Customers.

There is so much more I could write on this, but I have to go call my cell phone carrier and see what they tell me if I think about leaving them.

Thanks for reading,



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