Even CEOs Need Customer Service Training

Customer Service Tip #8 – Customer Service is for all employees.

All.  Not some.  Not just those who interact with Customers.  The lowest paid employees in the company. Check out this concept:

Customer service training is about attitude, not aptitude. It is about how we treat each other and how to deal with humans. So it is very narrow thinking to only spend money training the people who interact with the external customer, because that is only a small piece of the puzzle. If you are willing to train the leaders in your company how to lead people in a service culture, and if you are willing to train all employees on how to work together, you will then begin to see a culture change with long term annuity.

*I added the emphasis.

This gem comes from Brad Worthley, a business consultant and excellent speaker. Visit Brad’s site.  Better yet, sign up for his awesome newsletter.  You can sign up on the bottom right hand side of his website.

It’s a pretty big concept and fits for our 8th tip of our 30 day blitz.  Think about it and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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