Customer Service Tip#7 – Review Your Strategy

We close out our first week of our 30 day blitz with a recap of the past seven days’ tips.

Tip #1 – Do a little something extra for your Customers.  Give them something for free.  A free gift, a trinket, anything.  The small things stand out later when they remember the overall experience.

Tip #2 – Celebrate Milestones. First month, second year, 3,000th Customer.  Just celebrate.  And include your Customers.

Tip #3 – There is no such thing as Fashionably Late in Customer Service.  Be on time.  Follow through on time.  Respond to your Customers on time. You get the picture.

Tip #4 – Make Your Customers feel Good About Their Purchase.  Implement policies that empower your employees to support your Customers.  Tell them positive information.  Be truthful, but be positive.

Tip #5 – Make Sure Your Customer Service Guarantee Is Guaranteed!  Guarantees are fantastic.  Now, ensure your policies are not shortchanging the process of the guarantee.

Tip #6 – Do What You Say You Will – Simple.  Follow through.  Period.

Tip #7 – Every once in a while, review and recap your strategies and processes.  It helps keep everything in perspective.

It has been a fun week and I look forward to Tip #8 tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



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