Your Order In 5 Minutes, or It’s Free….But We Control the Stop Watch

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that guaranteed your food would be ready and on the table in 10 minutes or it would be free? How about ordering from an online store that says your order ships the next business day or you get credit on your next order?

Well, I have. Generally speaking, these were all restaurants that were trying to attract the business crowd at lunch time by guaranteeing you get in and out of a sit down restaurant. Great concept and in the places I have gone to, they have worked out well. There were a limited number of items on the menu and a tremendous amount of prep work ahead of time and adequate staffing to make it work.

Or how about the online storefront displays whether or not an item is in stock and certain ones have an asterisk to show that they were not included. OK, that’s fair. I accept these.

But what about a place where the store not only controls the stop watch but they also have their own parameters around when they start and stop it?

What if they didn’t “start” the clock until the server walked back to the kitchen and placed the order?

And what if the clock stopped when the kitchen yelled “order up”, even if these new parameters meant your order took 22 minutes instead of 10?

Or how about the online retailer that shows your order shipping the next business day, but cannot display the Post Office Tracking Number until 3 days have gone by?

Hmmm….sound fishy to me. Would you keep giving these places your business?

My friend Phil Gerbyshak passed along a story from Breanne Potter who blogged about her experience with this type of Customer Dis-Service at Sears, including a fail-safe way to make sure that if the employees tinker with the clock, the Customer is compensated.

So, what is the tip for today?

Customer Service Tip #5 – Make Sure Your Customer Service Guarantee Is Guaranteed!

Thanks for reading and I guarantee the next post will be in 24 hours or less….or it’s free!



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