There Is A Chance Your Airline Will Dump You 100 Miles From Home

Happy Customers?Last night, literally 60 seconds before I boarded my return flight to Sacramento, the airlines announced over the PA system that because of fog, there was a chance that we may be diverted to San Francisco instead. AS I gave my ticket to the woman at the boarding gate, I asked her what happens if I get stranded 100 miles from the airport where my car is parked.  And where my ticket says I am supposed to fly into.

She then tells me that because they just announced it (now 3 minutes before) and because we are getting on the plane, it depends on the crew in San Francisco and they may put us up in a hotel, or they may put us on ground transportation or it may just be out tough luck and we will have to find our own way home.

As I am getting on the plane.  Keep in mind, this is all based on “A Chance of Diverting”. Not 100%, just a chance.  I have 5 seconds to choose what to do. Stay in Los Angeles over night (at my expense and it is 10:30 at night) or get on the plane,  fly an hour and then (possibly) be stranded 100 miles from home.

I get on the plane.  As we all do.  And the flight attendants announce for us (again) that there is a chance that we will be diverted.  A Chance.  So we all ask what happens.

Same story as before.  This time, more accent on the tough luck part.  What the heck?  This is not what I signed up for on Travelocity!

An hour later, we land in…………….Sacramento.  Thanks goodness.  We all drive home.  Using our cars that we had all parked in Sacramento.

Customer Service Tip #4 – Make Your Customers feel Good About Their Purchase.

Could the airline representatives been any worse at scaring the crap out of 75 people?  How about this?

“Well, we have a chance of landing in San Francisco, but if that happens, we will work with you to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

How about having a process and make sure your employees know it?

In today’s world of Camera Phones and You Tube, I can only imagine what would get posted online if we had landed in San Francisco and then got the “tough luck” speech.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your travels this month,



2 responses to “There Is A Chance Your Airline Will Dump You 100 Miles From Home

  1. At least you would have been within driving distance of home had they dropped you with no assistance at a different airport. My brother was going from Los Angeles to Houston – for some reason, he was on a flight that overshot Texas and went all the way to Atlanta. Then from Atlanta, they landed in New Orleans to “refuel” (hello?) and were told that the flight was ending because the pilot had run out his hours for the day. They would have to buy ANOTHER ticket to get the rest of the way to Houston, and the next flight would be the next morning. My brother did. On a different airline.

    He wrote a letter requesting reimbursement for his extra ticket, but I don’t know what happened after that. He should have started a lawsuit.

    What airline was it? My brother was on Delta. I will NEVER fly Delta because of this – I won’t even consider it as an option.

  2. I too recently experienced a similar story. I have been flying alot more lately for both business and personal.

    To quote Brandon “Could the airline representatives been any worse at scaring the crap out of 75 people?”

    Thursday morning I was waiting in the airport for my flight to Las Vegas and the plane had an issue to be looked into 5 minutes before boarding. The woman gets on the PA system and lets everyone know that the plane has had a critical malfunction failure and needs to be looked at before boarding. The look on everyone’s face was priceless. I have never heard the airlines be so descriptive.

    All the passengers talk amongst themselves hoping for the best while worrying if the plane is going to suddenly drop from the sky. 30 minutes later we all board. The flight attendant gets on the plane’s PA system and lets everyone know that the issue reported was false. It was a dummy light that came on, but shouldnt have.


    Long story short we made it, but the passengers of the flight could have probabaly just been told that the plane will be boarding a few minutes late for maintenance.

    – Jeremy

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