Celebrate Milestones Along The Path Of Great Customer Service

Today is a great day, I have reached my 100th Blog post here at Customer Service Voodoo.  That brings me to my next tip in Customer Service (in our 30 Tips in 30 days blitz).

Tip # 2- Celebrate Milestones

Customers are people too, correct?  And people love celebrations!  Take every chance you get to share the celebrations with your Customers.  Whether it is the One Month, One Year or One Millionth Customer you are celebrating, involve your Customers and they will appreciate it.

Celebrate With Your CustomersSome Examples, both Big and Small:

Disney gave away One Million Dreams last year and continues this year as they have extended their 50th Anniversary celebration several years!

Becky over at Customers Rock gave away a free e-book last year to celebrate 12 months of great Customer-oriented blogging.

Figure out what you can celebrate and involve your Customers.

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One response to “Celebrate Milestones Along The Path Of Great Customer Service

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brandon. I am contemplating what to do this year for my 2nd anniversary of blogging. Let me know if you have ideas!

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