30 Days to Great Customer Service

It’s December 1st, the end of the year and I thought that we would end the year the same way I like to start each year – full speed ahead.  To give each of my readers a great send-off into the New year, I am going to try and share a Customer Service Tip each day.  Yep, you read that correctly, I am going to post 30 tips in 30 days.

Now, I know that December has 31 days, but I do have to travel for work quite a bit and we do have the holidays, so I figured I might need the one day in case…you understand. So, here we go!

Tip #1 – Do a little something extra for your Customers.

I first wrote about this last year in “Do You Have to Charge Extra For The Sour Cream?” and recently read a great post by Rich Hand over at HDI about how the Hilton Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs brought the HDI staff breakfast…just because.

You see, HDI uses the Antlers Hotel quite a bit, and in this down economy, the Antler wanted to ensure that HDI remembered their relationship (and not in a Guido sort of way!) so that when it came time to spend money again, HDI would continue the relationship.

What did that breakfast cost HIlton – $50?  $100?

That is a pittance compared to the thousands of dollars that HDI brings them in business each year.

So, whether you give away free sour cream or bring your Customers breakfast, do what you can in this economy to give them something extra.

Thanks for reading,



One response to “30 Days to Great Customer Service

  1. Hi Brandon,
    Looking forward to #2 😉 I believe 30 tips in December will be a challenging job

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