The 2 Commandments of Customer Service

I stumbled across a site with 10 Commandments of Customer Service.  They are pretty good, but I thought the top 2 leapt out at me.  Here they are (go read Blake’s blog for the other 8, and tell him I sent you)

#1 – Know Who Is Boss –  Without Customers, we have no revenue and definitely no business.  Any questions?

#2 – Be A Good Listener – one of my friends only knows how to transmit, not how to receive.  Talking to them (yes, I neutralized that gender so they won’t know if it is them) is hard as they have an answer for everything. When working with (not dealing with, not putting up with) your Customers, just listen.

Seriously, the other 8 are good, but these are the best. And I am happy to see that there are other blogs out there now with Customer Service on the brain.

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One response to “The 2 Commandments of Customer Service

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    It is good to see this information in your post. Customer is king and if you expect good cash flow in your business you must give them good customer service.
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