More Pinging…….It’s Like a Sub Down Here

8-ssn-astute-submarineLast post, I wrote about how Customers are online, even if we aren’t.  That may be OK for you, but I would really stress that you should have a web presence.  If you need some help on that or perhaps want more information about why you should have online visibility, my friend Phil wil be glad to talk to you about Branding. 

Because having Brandon talk to you about Branding is too much!  🙂

The second example I want to share with you (here is the first) is that when someone talks about you online, you should track them down (no, don’t stalk them, just find out what they are saying) .  A website linked to me recently and I went out to read about them.  They seem to complement what I believe and my philosophy on Customers, so I am OK, and no action is needed on my part.

What if it was someone complaining about the service I gave, or my product?

How do you respond then?

The management of the Melrose Hotel in Washington, D.C. regularly patrols the Tripadvisor site and responds to Customer complaints.  Good idea?  You betcha!

Hint – you can automate the searching, all you have to do is then respond. 

Thanks for reading,



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