Comcastic Service Via Twitter

Customer Service a la TwitterTemporarily** wrapping up our series on using every digital tool possible to provide Customer Service, I would like to share this gem I found today.

I blogger over at SEOmoz had NBA League Pass, which allows you to watch basically every game the NBA airs, not just the 2 that are in your area.

She wanted to cancel after the season but forgot.  A few weeks before the season startedup again, she got a letter from Comcast stating that they were going to Auto-renew (and bill her!) unless she cancelled. 

She called….long wait, hing up and called a few days later…long wait….finally gets through.

She is too late!! Argghhh!!

One entirely humorous story later, she starts Twittering her friends (if you don’t know what Twitter is, click here to find out, and no! it’s not perverted!) about it and all of a sudden….

Someone from Comcast pings her back (using Twitter) and fixes her issue (credits her back, cancels that NBA League Pass).

If you aren’t using all your tools to track what your Customers are saying, now is the time to start.

Thanks for reading,


**I say temporarily, because this subject is like crack.  It is addictive and keeps popping up. I’m sure we’ll talk about this more.


2 responses to “Comcastic Service Via Twitter

  1. I agree Brandon. Companies should hang out where their customers do … I’m starting to see more companies monitor the web for discussions about them. Still, many aren’t sure how to proceed once they do. Be authentic, don’t get defensive, listen and learn.

  2. chandanscorner

    The thing about so many end points is that customers are not sure of a company response when they post in so many channels. And for the company unless they participate in a million services they are not going to cover all. There is just too much randomness in participating in so many platforms. Yet there may not be a single accessible place on the entire company website/call center where you can be sure to log a message and be sure to get an answer

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