Pinging…Part III

I think that I could find Customer Service related subjects to write about forever just from browsing people’s WordPress blogs.  I happened upon a very unique guy who wrote about his experience working for Circuit City when he was younger.  Does it hurt them?  Well, not since they filed for bankruptcy.  However, had this been an actual Gen Y Emergency and all of his friends read it while he was still working there, the repercussions could have been enormous.

Let’s look at his comments:

Circuit City was dark and depressing, the commission driven employees stressed me out. True, the desperation to make a sale caused Circuit City employees to become experts, but I’ll take lazy Best Buy folks any day. 

He could have been fired (hmmm….is that really addressing the issue.?), his friends would never have gone to work there and quite possible, other Customers would have found it and decided that a place that treated its employees as such did not deserve their business.

I could go on, but this is a Blog, not a book.  I think you get Reason # 3 to have a web presence for your Customers.

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One response to “Pinging…Part III

  1. Pentagram tokens are bad for business, they are hilarious, but bad for business. Thanks for shout out.

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