Ping! Do you hear that?

It’s a digital world.  What we sometimes forget is that in all the ones and zeros out there, there are people at the other end.  People who are either Customers or people that we want to be Customers.  You may not be an online business, but your Customers are online.  Meaning that they will review you and post / send / chat about / to  you with everyone they know.

Example #1 – I recently wrote about the Buffalo Wing joints that are in my general area (as in minimal driving to get there) and what do you know?  The best one (in my  never too humble opinion) doesn’t even have a website.  You can Google them and come up with reviews (a la Yelp), but no website.

Translation – they don’t have an online site listing  their hours, phone number, menu, etc. (I’m not asking for the ability to order online) but people can talk about them all they want and they can’t respond.

Luckily for them, the feedback is all great, but I would advise them to develop a web presence.  Hey, I could even be persuaded to help them in exchange for some wings.

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