Telling Your Customers Who You Are

As Customers, we like to know who we are doing business with.  In general, we will do business with someone we know over a stranger.   If you disagree with me, think about the last time you found yourself wandering the aisles of a Super Big Box Store, searching in vain for either the item you need or an employee who could help you.  Then, compare that to the service you get from your favorite mom and pop store, restaurant or boutique.

Not real hard to decide, is it?  To go retro on us…it’s the personal service, dummy!  So, how do you make your business personal online, or when you have thousands of Customers? 


One way is to make sure your customers know who you are.   For example, every web site and online business should have an “About Us” page where Customers can find out who you are and (hopefully) feel like they get to know you.  If you can put up a picture of you and your staff, that is even better.  When I shop, browse or look online, a site with information about the person or company makes me feel a little better about doing business with them.  A picture gets me as close as I can do actually meeting them. 

Would you like to know what the most visited page on this blog is? It’s my About Me page, which I call “Who Is Brandon?”.   If you haven’t visited that page, that’s my picture above.  Nice to meet you. 

Thanks for reading,



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