Buffalo Wings Have Finally Arrived In The West

food_buffalo_wings_1You may remember my friend Jeremy’s Guest Post back in May about the horrendous Customer Service that he received from when he went to eat Buffalo Wings.

The restaurant he had the bad experience with is the chain called Wings and Rings. Being a transplant to California, I have had serious Wing withdrawal since moving west.

I have found a few places that serve wings, but they are mostly bars or chain family restaurants (a la Chii’s or Applebee’s), which aren’t exactly what I had in mind.

Finally, a few places have opened up which serve a good wing. My personal favorite has been Grand Central Station Grill which has outstanding wings and out of this world Customer Service.

OK, we have discussed this before and to me, your product, whether car tires or accounting software, has to be solid. No one paddle up Niagra Falls and without a good product, you might as well try and work the Ford Pinto Help Desk in the 1970’s.

Once you establiosh your product as solid, the second half of the act is to follow it up with good Customer Service. WIngs and Rings failed in their venture, Grand Central comes through!

They are building a Wings and Rings not too far from me, maybe I’ll try it out. I may even get Jeremy to go with me and give it another shot. I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading,



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