Is Google Keeping Up With It’s Customers?

wpFirst of all, is Google an “It”?  A company is made up of men and women, yet we refer to the company sometimes as an “it.”  Perhaps that is the case most when their Customer Service becomes Borg-like (or maybe Big Box like) and each Customer is reduced to a number.

Hmmmm….let’s see if this explains why I think this may be true. Recently, I read a post / site that proposed that Google has become  inundated with companies that SPLOG (SPAM Blog?) so much that any legitimate sites are pushed beyond the Top 10 Front Page.  And who goes beyond the front page anyway?  The author then suggested that WordPress (which hosts this illustrious blog) is now better than Google because of:

1 – The tagging and categories in posts that allow bloggers to put themselves in their own defined silos and readers (aka customers) to find them

2 – The search results returned in WordPress are more “true” and are not SPLOG’d, meaning that essentially, the field is level and bloggers (aka small businesses) can compete.

What does all this mean?  Well, it means that with 4.7 milion blogs, WordPress is giving Google a run for their money.  And we, the customers, will decide who we go with.  Are we more known at WordPress or lost in the mix with Google?

Stay tuned, I have to think on this some more, and thanks for reading,



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