The Cult Of Apple

appleI have determined that Apple fanatics are a cult.  Now, before you get all excited and fax me (ok, that was a joke) hear me out.

Here is the definition of Cult on WIkipedia.

A cult typically refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding population considers to be outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception.

I think the last numbers I saw were that Windows has a grip on about 96% of the world’s computers.  Linux has a small fraction (except of course the Internet, please don’t email me – that was not a joke) and Apple has a shade under 4%.

So, they are a small group dedicated to all things Apple.  Yeah, they have cool computers, but what about the iPhones and iPods.  Hmmm…all of a sudden, we all belong to the cult. Except my mom, who sti does not have cable or the Internet.

I digress.  The point is that they have dedicated customers.  How?

More to come and thanks for reading,


BTW – I have an iPod and 2 iMacs.  🙂


One response to “The Cult Of Apple

  1. Obama might get an Apple into the Oval Office Mac the Oval Office

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