Customer Service at 2 AM

waffleLast week, I took a business trip to Atlanta.  Now, I am from the deep-fried South, so this was a trip back “home” for me.  Because of the time zone change and layovers, we didn’t get to our hotel until almost 2 AM.  And we were hungry!

So, my boss, three of my peers and I went looking for food.  Not surprisingly, most places to eat were closed.  Except for one.  Waffle House.  Yes, Waffle House, the Southern icon.

I had grown up with Waffle House and actually was looking forward to some waffles, eggs and hash browns “scattered” (spread on the grill), “smothered” (with onions), “covered” (with cheese), “chunked” (with diced ham), “diced” (with diced tomatoes), “peppered” (with jalapeño peppers), “capped” (with mushrooms) and “topped” (with chili).

My boss and peers were pleasantly surprised at the food, loved the price (5 people ate for under $30) and most of all, the great Customer Service at 2 AM.

Sure, the two employees were pretty sleepy, but they were pleasant and efficient.  Which can be hard to do at 2 AM.  Trust me, I worked a lot of late shifts in college!
I have to go back to Atlanta next month and regardless of the time, I am going to Waffle House!

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