Customer Service is Like Marriage

We all, make that many people, think if Customer Service as the “soft side” of business. Touchy-feely, be nice, yada, yada…

93happy-familyWell, it is, in great part.  And that got me to thinking.  Customer Service is all a lot about relationships.
Which is like marriage.  If you want to have a happy relationship, you have to put in time and effort.  Sometimes, ok, a lot of times, you have to be “wrong.”

You have to figure out what the other person wants and ensure they are happy.

Does this sound like marriage to you as well?

Now, some of you may wonder why I say marriage and not just a relationship.  Well, that is simple.  You can leave your girlfriend or boyfriend easier than leaving your spouse and children.

And in a similar vein, you want your customers to be with you for a long  time.

Thanks for reading,



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