Customer Service When It Counts

My wife had surgery yesterday.  While I was waiting for her in the lobby, I thought about the criticality of our medical industry.  Unlike retail or food, people cannot put off medical care.  Well, of course, you can avoid going to the doctor for non-emergency issues, but when it is an urgent issues and you have to have medical help, there isn’t a choice. 

So, how does the medical community address Customer Service?  We have all heard or even experienced the hell that is hospital emergency rooms and the weeks and months of waiting to be seen by our general practitioner.  As I looked around the comfortable waiting area yesterday, my experience was quite the opposite.  You see, I was not in a hospital, but rather in a Surgery Center. 

Across the country, Surgery Centers are popping up as an alternative to hospitals.  Doctors like them for their streamlined processes and control they offer the doctors, patients love them for the lower costs and overall friendliness of the staff.   I have had surgery in one and also waited for family members in one.  Both have been the anti-hospital experience, quite pleasant and very comforting.

Like hospitals, there is a complete staff of nurses, doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists and support technicians to concentrate on each patient.  Unlike hospitals, it feels warm and inviting, not cold and impersonal.  Kind of like small town service in a big environment.  We should emulate that in our businesses. 

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One response to “Customer Service When It Counts

  1. My husband recently had knee surgery in a surgical center and I agree with you 100%. It was a refreshing alternative to a hospital environment.
    I really never thought about it until I read your post, but it was a much friendly, caring atmosphere.

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