Customer Service When Nothing Is Wrong

OK, following up on our previous posts (link) about how we can provide Small Company Customer Service in Large Companies, I promised a Part 2 about this (click here for Part 1, which is not named Part 1, you have to read down the page to find it) 

Part 2 – Now that we are concentrating on our Customers that are contacting us and taking 80% of our time to address their issues, we now need to spend SOME time on  the remaining customers who don’t contact us as much.

This will seem to be easier, as they have fewer issue, right? Ummmm….maybe.  Maybe not.  I suggest that we set up a schedule of a periodic touch base with these Customers and find out how things are going.  We want to talk to these folks (I call them the non-complainers) and find out what makes them happy about our product or service.  To steal a line from the Saturday Night Live Sarah Palin rap song, once we establish a connection with them, we want to “Drill, Baby, Drill.”

We can use surveys (OK, not great for specifics), focus groups (better, much more feasible with technology offsetting travel and communication costs now), and best of all – one to one conversation.
This kind of candid interaction will yield us a host of information which we can then use for future products and services.  (And also to try and address our 20% with all the issues!)

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