Good Service, So-So Food

One of the basic tenets of Customer Service is that you have to start with a good product.  No matter how great your service is, no one will continue to patronize your business if your product is faulty.

Today, I experienced this personally. For lunch, a few friends invited me to join them at an Indian  restaurant close to our work.  I have eaten at their lunch buffet a few times over the past several years and always found their service to be great.  The staff there are friendly, fast and very efficient.  They refill drink glasses quickly, bring extra napkins and silverware when needed and clear plates in a flash.

Sadly, however, the past few times that I have eaten there have been less than stellar when it comes to the food. The variety of food seems to have dropped quite a bit and the staples that we used to look forward to are no longer served as frequently.  Today, we were quite disappointed in the selection and while their service was its customary self (very good!), we talked about taking a break from the restaurant for a while and perhaps trying to find a new one in the area that we could test.

We talk to the owners each time we go (they recognize us from our faces), and we have asked them about certain dishes that they no longer sem to carry on days when we go. They are very friendly and personable, and have explained that they carry the dishes we like on other days than we go.  It seems as though we are always missing our favorites by “just a day.”

Great service, so-so food now.  WIll I go back or go to another place?  Good question, I’ll let you know over time.

Thanks for reading,



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