Pick Your Customer Service Providers – Political Style

This is not a political blog, but I do feel the need to accent how we are customers of our government.  You may not care about national politics, however, you should take a hard look at your state and local politics.

Here in California, we have a host of state-wide propositions that will impact everything from teenage abortions to veteran’s homes to same sex marriage.  Many of these will impact you in the form of taxes and certainly what is the law in our state.  Each state faces similar choices.

On a local level, our votes decide the directions of our school boards, our city and county leaders and even things such as water decisions as well as parks and recreation.

We don’t often get to pick the manager of our local grocery store or which policies our favorite restaurant will follow, but we do get to pick our leaders.

So, decide what kind of service you want from your local, state and national government and get out and vote!

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