I’m Looking for a Specific Pizza…

My friend, Jeremy, sent me this excellent count of what happened to him this weekend and I felt that I had to share it.  For those of you who know and remember Phil Gerbyshak’s Million Dollar Pizza story, this is the exact opposite of what happened on that cold night in Milwaukee. 

Here is Jeremy’s story:

I went to a really nice restaurant on Saturday night called Il Fornaio.  There are about 3 in Sacramento, this was the newest one located in Rocklin, CA.  This is a moderately priced` Italian restaurant that I have been to once before about 2 years ago.


I was really excited to go there because I knew exactly what I wanted to order which is a pizza made with roasted garlic, shrimp, basil, and mascarpone cheese.  This is the exact pizza that I tried 2 years ago at my initial visit and the thought of it has makes my mouth water every time.


As we sat down I looked at the menu and to my surprise, the pizza was no longer available, In fact there was nothing similar.  I asked the waitress that sits you and brings you water if this pizza was on the menu, she checked for me and informed me that it was not available.


When I started to look for something else I might enjoy, we were welcomed to the restaurant by our head waiter.  He must have heard through the grapevine that I wanted a pizza with specific ingredients.  He asked me what I was looking for and then walked over the head chef and offered to make exactly what I wanted.


I was very shocked and pleased!  As I gave them the specifics of what I had remembered, they assured me it would not be a problem and would not cost me any more money as well!


There is a saying that customer service doesn’t show it’s true value until something goes wrong.  In this case, nothing went wrong, but it was a sister-thought of this idea, in which Il Fornaio went above and beyond Customer Service to a stellar-like service.


One of the best experiences at a restaurant hands down!


OK, readers, here is the Golden Question of Customer Service.  Are we working off the menu or are we working our Customer Service Voodoo to make our Customers happy and giving them what they want?

Thanks for reading (and thanks for the story Jeremy),



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