FREE Customer Service Week Webinars October 6 – 10

I am honored to be part of HDI’s Customer Service Week line-up starting Monday, October 6, 2008.  SIgn-up infromation is at the bottom of this post or you can go to to register.  This is a series of FREE webinars that are open to anyone.    The schedule for the week is:

Monday, October 6 – 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern:
“Customer Service Villains” – Battling the enemies of Exceptional Customer Service
Professor B. (aka – Brandon Caudle – that’s me!)

With the woes of the economy creating unease and despair at every turn, now is the time to hold on to our Customers! Join Brandon Caudle and HDI for an in-depth look at common Customer Service Villains that plague our industry. You’ll meet Mr. Secrecy, the Apathy Avenger and The Techno Babbling Terror….and discover how to combat them in your environment.
Tuesday, October 7 – 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern:
“One for All, and All for One” – The Power of a Team!
Captain Communication (aka – Pete Mcgarahan)
A Service organization either succeeds or fails based on each individual’s commitment to placing the team’s purpose, goals and objectives above their own personal gain. Team work based on trust and communication is the core that drives consistent and continuous improvement. Pete will historically reflect back on some of histories most famous teams and what made them successful and memorable.

Wednesday, October 8 – 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern:
Changing your Clark Kent Help Desk into a Superman TEAM!
Bionic-Bren (aka – Bren Boddy-Thomas)
Feeling like you’re always undercover? Is your Help Desk hiding from the rest of your company? Not sure how to be SUPER? Join the SUPER Help Desk Manager, Bren Boddy-Thomas for a unique tale of how she took a bunch of Customer Service people with no technical experience and turned them into the SUPER Help Desk Team!

Thursday, October 9 – 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern:
Positively Contagious – Something I Caught From A Little Green Man
The Kirkinator (aka – Kirk Weisler)

Growing Your Leadership, Growing Your People and Growing Your Results! Another out of this world presentation from Chief Morale Officer, Kirk Weisler to help inspire and grow the little green leader inside of you, your team, and your world! Zap Negativity. Increase Engagement on your Planet. Harness the Power of Traditions, Stories, and Discovery.

Friday, October 10 – 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern:
Superhero U: Unleashing your inner customer service super hero.
The Greatanator (aka – Phil Gerbyshak)

How can each person can turn into a super hero customer service agent? What powers will you need to use to make every encounter count? Will you use your “X-Ray Vision” to look through the phone to see the REAL problem? Will you need to use your “Ultrasonic hearing” to listen to what the caller is FEELING, not just saying? Or will it be your Great Calculating Brain – DUH! All Help Desk reps have this! Join us on Friday as we help you unleash what you already have, the skills and powers to make your customer interactions count!

To sign up for any or all of these, visit HDI at:


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