The Secret of Hotel Customer Service Voodoo

I ran across a great article today which described the secret of the luxury Hotel Montage Laguna Beach. In the face of the trend to showcase which hotel has the most amenities and most awards, the Montage relies on a time-tested formula….providing the best “Guest Experience”.

This boils down to how well their staff cater to their guests’ needs.   A quick search on Trip Advisor finds endless complaints about expensive lodging with aloof staff and a severe lack of customer service (note the lower case spelling only reserved for customer dis-service).  Sites such as Trip Advisor and many others illustrate that no matter how many amenities are available, it often comes down to a plain and simple thing – how the staff treat the guests.

At the Montage Resorts, creating a memorable Guest Experience doesn’t happen by accident.  Quite the contrary, in fact, the Montage spends many hours training their employees from the time they first walk in the door as a new hire with a 2-day Orientation Program, followed by a “Listening and Language” class and finally a “Wow!” class.

All this training pays off big-time as this example shows:

One of the most poignant was delivered by Lauren English, a server in our Mosaic Bar and Grille. She was waiting on a couple staying with us for a week, and we knew the woman was dying of cancer. They’d struck up a conversation and when Lauren asked if there was anything she could bring to make their stay more pleasant, the woman joked, “Well, lobster, crab and caviar would be perfect.” They all laughed. Later in their room, the couple heard a knock at their door. There was Lauren with a nicely turned out tray of crab cakes. “I didn’t bring lobster and caviar, but I hope crab will be all right.” The woman cried, the husband cried, Lauren cried.

So, friends and readers,what do we get out of all this?  TrRaining, training and more training is needed to kick start Customer Service in your company.  It works for many companies (Montage aming them) and it can work for you!

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