Customer Service Provided By Generation Why

Many, perhaps an overwhelming percentage of “Customer Service” jobs are staffed by the “Younger Generation”, sometimes known as Generation Y.  One of my favorite speakers, Eric Chester, has coined the term “Generation Why” for this group.

While many people, especially employers, often dismiss the 16 to 24 tear olds as whiny, lazy, slackers, I found a very intriquing blog on the Gen Why’s perspective which showed the truth about our next Generation.  The blogger – TJ Wihera – brings a very balanced and realistic view to the table and I found his writing to be as intriquing as Eric’s book “Getting Them to Give a Damn”

Check out the Blog and if you have “kidployees“, I would check out Eric’s book to get a better grasp on those who provide much of our Customer Service.

Thanks for reading,

Brandon (Generation X)


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