Suggestion Box

We’ve discussed listening to your customers quite a bit over the past year and this week Becky Carroll at Customers Rock shared a great conversation she had with the executives at

Briefly stated – the site allows ANYONE to suggest ANYTHING to ANY COMPANY.  Yep, you got it.  You can sign up and then suggest anything.  Best of all, it allows you to track it for a day, a week, even a year to see if the company actually implements it. 

Check it out, it’s free to browse.

Thanks for reading,



2 responses to “Suggestion Box

  1. Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for recognizing us on your blog! I just wanted to add that we get a lot of people asking us: “What happens if I cannot find the company or product I want to suggest to?”

    The simple answer is that ANYONE can create a suggestionbox for ANY company, product, event worldwide. We’re looking for the community to help out and be a part of creating that communication point with the company.

    Thanks again for the mention and look forward to seeing your own suggestions!


  2. Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for highlighting my post and SuggestionBox. A good group of people over there!

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