You Can Reach Us Anytime….from Anywhere

Last week, I read about about upgraded Cruise Ships that are offering 100% Internet connectivity for their passengers.  This includes WI-FI throughout the entire ship (no easy feat to ensure no dead zones), larger and faster connected Internet Cafes and…..cell phone service while at sea.  One note in the article was that the 100 Day World Cruises are now seeing more young professionals who are running their business from the ship.

Let’s face it – we are smack dab in the middle of this Brave New World and this means our customers expect to be connected at all times….including, being able to contact us at all times.   In a similar vein, companies are moving rapidly towards have already moved to a mobile and remote workforce.

Thanks to our digitial economy, many businesses now have customers and also employees worldwide.  From the home based business to the Fortune 500 companies, we should be ensuring  that our customers AND our employees are increasingly able to connect and communicate ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

More to come and thanks for reading,



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