I Can’t Help You

The worse phrases ever in Customer Service are:

“I Don’t Know What To Do”

“I Can’t Help You”

“There Is Nothing I Can Do”


Last week, I tried to attend a Webinar on Managing Remote Employees.  I was extremely interested in this topic and  eagerly logged  on  to listen in on this very relevant and  timely subject.  

Unfortunately, the audio connections were very poor and I asked the group via the Chat Window if anyone else was experiencing this issue.  Several were, however, it appeared that no one was bringing up the issue to the moderator.

I noticed that there was a Help button and so I clicked on it. Very quickly, a chat window popped up with the name of the hosting service (Dimdim) and a person asked what they could help me with.  I explained the issue (see my attached screen shot) and got back an answer that blew me out off the web.

“Sorry, don’t know what to do”

I then asked then if they were from Dimdim, and never got a response.  Fortunately, another chat window popped up from Dimdim with a more knowledgeable person who started walking me through troubleshooting.

Not a lot to say here, I think you all have it figured out already.  I can’t even imagine what the first person’s role was at the company, but thank goodness for the second person.

Make sure you have more of the seconds at your company.

Thanks for reading,



2 responses to “I Can’t Help You

  1. Hello Brandon,

    Thanks for your writeup about Dimdim. I am sorry your first experience with Dimdim was not flawless. Maybe the other person whom you contacted was not an Dimdim employee. You would have noticed that Dimdim Participants can have any display name.

    Can we please communicate over email to understand the issue you faced so that we can make Dimdim better?

    Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

  2. Cuz_I'm_the_Mom

    I’d like to add ‘I have no idea’ to your list of worse phrases ever in Customer Service. I seem to get this more and more often lately. My response is usually, “Okay. So can you find someone here who does have an idea?”

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