Customer Service – A Team Sport

Today’s post comes to us from a Guest Blogger – Bren Boddy-Thomas. Not only does she comment frequently on Customer Service Voodoo, she is also a friend of mine and we welcome her with her first Guest Posting.
A few weeks ago, I was traveling on business and went to a steakhouse restaurant in Colorado Springs (Steak Smith) with a friend. Neither of us had been to the restaurant before and it wasn’t in the best neighborhood, so frankly, expectations for me weren’t very high. However, once inside, the restaurant was much nicer than expected. We were seated promptly and our server came by to let us know that they were a “team” and any one of them would be by to help us.

I was a little confused on the concept…not of teamwork, but of team service in a restaurant. I’d never seen it before. After all, isn’t the idea to tip your one server on the job they do? How do you tip a whole team?

Well, our first server said we just needed to turn our menus over when we were ready to order, so we decided to follow his advice and let the “team service” begin!

As soon as we decided what to have, we turned our menus over and another server was there right away to take our order. I was impressed! We placed our order and got our salads right away. I had just turned my fork over because I was done with my salad and another server came and got my plate. Immediate service! Water was re-filled immediately. Food served quickly. Dishes cleared off as soon as we were done with each course. Hmmmm…I like this concept.

When we finished our dinner and went to pay the bill, yet another server came to help us. It was evident that this company embraced teamwork. The employees seemed happy, genuinely liked their job, and were all there for me…the customer.

We all know there is no “I” in teamwork. This wasn’t the “it’s all about me” style of service that I’m used to (where a server is tipped based on their individual job) but the “we” style of teamwork service. What a new concept. I wish more restaurants would adopt this style. Next time I’m in Colorado Springs, I will be back.

**It’s important to note that the food was excellent as well…making it overall, a wonderful experience!

– Bren


One response to “Customer Service – A Team Sport

  1. Good service makes such a difference!

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