Customer Service in the Boonies?

I took last week off (thus no post mid-week, friends and readers) and went camping with my family over by the California coast. I may regret posting my secret spot, but here it is….Butano State Park between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Now that it’s out, I hope I can get a spot once in a while. 🙂 Yes, the park is that good!

The first night we were there, I locked my keys in the van. Not good. Even worse is the fact that there is zero cell reception in the park. While it is only 30 minutes from a decent size town, it is pretty remote as far as ATT and Sprint are concerned. None of us could get a cell signal, however, fortunately, the day-time park ranger came by the site and told us that there was a payphone down by the ranger cabin a few miles down the road. She said she would look up the number for AAA and also the local towing company that AAA used and leave it for us before she went home for the day.

After we finished eating (hey! camp food doesn’t heat up well in the dutch oven, we had to finish our meal), my brother-in-law drove me down to the ranger station in his car. As we got there, the ranger came out and told us that she had already called the local towing company and that they were on their way.

Wow! We were very impressed! Sure enough, a little while later, the tow truck showed up, popped open my van door, took my AAA card as payment and we were all happy. My thanks to the Butano State Park ranger for helping us out in the middle of nowhere and a big thanks to Sarabia’s Auto Towing and Repair out of Pescadero, CA. They don’t have a website that I could find, but their number is (650) 879-0723 if you ever need them.

The Customer Service moral is very clear – it’s one thing to provide the information your customer needs, but it is above and beyond to make the call for them. Look around this week and see who you can make the call for!

Thanks for reading,



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