What the heck is an Attitude Vitamin?

A friend of mine, Phil Gerbyshak, authors several blogs, among them Make It Great and Slacker Manager.  A periodic feature on Make It Great is Attitude Vitamins.  I can hear it now…what the heck is an Attitude Vitamin?  Well, to quote Phil directly,

An attitude vitamin is a little something that can shift your attitude from bad to good, from better to great! They could be a great picture, a quote that gives you pause, a hug, a smile, whatever.

This week, I was lucky enough to guest post on Phil’s Attitude Vitamins with an article about Vitamin H – the Helping Vitamin.  You never know when you will be able to help someone and as my post illustrates, sometimes we take advantage of the oportunity and sometimes we don’t.

Helping others is a huge part of Customer Service, so keep your eyes open for the chance!

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Here’e the full link to the article on Phil’s site – just in case the multiple links above don’t work.  🙂



One response to “What the heck is an Attitude Vitamin?

  1. You share a great article with my readers. Thanks so much for giving of your greatness with us all!

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