Every Company is Different

I meet many great people through work and professional associations and wherever possible, I love exchanging ideas and thoughts about how they offer up Customer Service.  As long as it works for them, I say that there is no wrong answer.  This past week, I was able to spend a little time with a peer of mine who runs a support team for a company that is a little smaller than where I work. 

Although she runs things differently than we do at our work, the bottom result is the same – very satisfied customers.  Why am I writing this, you ask?  Well, the truth is that all too often, we are besieged by “Best Practices” which tell us that our Customer Service processes should be structured in this way or that.  I love my vendors and I embrace my consultant friends (figuratively), however, there is no one box in which all companies can be fit into. 

For you and your company and your business, the best advice (according to me) is to listen to, seek out and discuss the industry’s “best practices” with consultants, vendors and your peers.  Then build your own company-centric best practices that work for your customers.

No two companies are the same and neither are their customers – make it work for you.

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One response to “Every Company is Different

  1. A comment. I had to make a comment. Refreshing idea how two companies can be so different but the bottom line is the “best practice” usually wins. Network, seek advice, and make your company/team the best it can be!

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