Do What You Say You Will…And Follow Up

A month ago, I wrote about my experience with a DVD Learning company that had promised me for several years to ship me some work books that accompanied the DVDs.  Actually, it turned out to be about 50 books.  I was getting the DVDs each month, just not the work books for my kids. 

Last week, we called the company to ask where the month-old, mystery shipment was and were told that the package was returned, that they were shocked and that they were sending them UPS (with a tracking number). 

Today…..they arrived.

My kids were very happy and I am glad to finally have the books.  My thanks to the company for sending them and not trying to back out of it 9which many comanies would do).

Lesson learned for Customer Service:

1 – Follow Up – a call, email or postcard would have been quick and easy to do two weeks after the first (non-tracked) package left their warehouse.

2 – Do everything you can to resolve the problem the first time that someone complains.  For me, that was four years ago.

Overall, I like the company and like their product.  If you are interested in them, check them out at Living Scriptures.  Tell them you read about them online!  I don’t get a kickback, but it would be nice to see this post get viral.

Thanks for reading,



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